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The craniocervical junction: embryology, anatomy, biomechanics and imaging in blunt trauma

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High speed silicon Mach-Zehnder modulator based on interleaved PN junctions. Hao Xu, Xi Xiao, Xianyao Li, Yingtao Hu, Zhiyong Li, Tao Chu.

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Impact of Spin-Orbit Torque on Spin-Transfer Torque Switching in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions

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Over the last two decades, the view of gap junction GJ channel gating has changed from one with GJs having a single transjunctional voltage-sensitive V j -sensitive gating mechanism to one with each hemichannel of a formed GJ channel, as well as unapposed hemichannels, containing two, molecularly distinct gating mechanisms. It appears that the fast gating mechanism is solely sensitive to V j and induces fast gating transitions between the open state and a particular substate, termed the residual conductance state.

A distinguishing feature of the slow gate is that the gating transitions appear to be slow, consisting of a series of transient substates en route to opening and closing. Published reports suggest that both sensorial and gating elements of the fast gating mechanism are formed by transmembrane and cytoplamic components of connexins among which the N terminus is most essential and which determines gating polarity.

Section J. Illumination, Signals, and ITS. Section K. Work Zone Traffic Control. Section L Beam Guardrail Type 31 Non-Flared Terminal (Posted Speed 45 MPH and Below). 8/12/ view · dnld Date Numeral Placement on Bridge Traffic Barrier. 2/21/ view J Locking Lid Standard Junction Box Types 1 & 2.

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Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. We report a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the length dependence and anchor group dependence of the electrical conductance of a series of oligoyne molecular wires in single-molecule junctions with gold contacts. Scanning tunneling microscopy break junction STM-BJ and mechanically controllable break junction MCBJ techniques are employed to investigate single-molecule conductance characteristics.

The BT moiety is superior as compared to traditional anchoring groups investigated so far. Complete conductance traces and conductance distributions are computed for each family of molecules. The sliding of the anchor groups leads to oscillations in both the electrical conductance and the binding energies of the studied molecular wires.

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Imaging of the blunt traumatic injuries to the craniocervical junction can be a car travelling at moderate speed—advanced ossification of the apical dental The first report of an occipital condyle fracture may date back to when Krakenes J, Kaale BR, Rorvik J, Gilhus NE () MRI assessment of.

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Metrics details. Imaging of the blunt traumatic injuries to the craniocervical junction can be challenging but central to improving morbidity and mortality related to such injury. The radiologist has a significant part to play in the appropriate management of patients who have suffered injury to this vital junction between the cranium and the spine. Knowledge of the embryology and normal anatomy as well as normal variant appearances avoids inappropriate investigations in these trauma patients.

Osseous injury can be subtle while representing important radiological red flags for significant underlying ligamentous injury. An understanding of bony and ligamentous injury patterns can also give some idea of the biomechanics and degree of force required to inflict such trauma. This will assist greatly in predicting risk for other critical injuries related to vital neighbouring structures such as vasculature, brain stem, cranial nerves and spinal cord. The embryology and anatomy of the craniocervical junction will be outlined in this review and the relevant osseous and ligamentous injuries which can arise as a result of blunt trauma to this site described together.

Appropriate secondary radiological imaging considerations related to potential complications of such trauma will also be discussed. The craniocervical craniovertebral junction represents the complex transitional zone between the cranium and the spine and comprises a complex balance of different elements: it should be considered anatomically and radiologically a distinct entity from both the cranium and, in particular, the cervical spine.

It is composed of osseous structures articulated with synovial joints, intrinsic ligaments and membranes and muscles. As well as housing the spinal cord and multiple cranial nerves, it is also approximated by critical vasculature supplying both the brain and the cervical spinal cord parenchyma. As a result, injury to the craniocervical junction carries the potential for devastating morbidity and mortality.

The requirements placed on the craniocervical junction are onerous—not only must it house, protect and support structures critical for function and ultimately evolutionary survival , it must also simultaneously provide significant mobility.

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LJ is the DFT-predicted distance between the centers of the two apex gold atoms in a fully extended molecular junction. The corresponding data.

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