DOM-XSS bug putsTinder, Shopify, Yelp & Co. at risk

Now you know just where you should go in order to find guys who always pay, who charm the pants off of everyone they meet, and whom are universally beloved by mothers everywhere. Or something. I assume it tallied up the hashtags most commonly used to describe guys in each city, combining the top two positive ones and top negative one to come up with a list of three traits per location. But that last sentence right there is the problem with this whole thing for me — the entire map just reinforces stereotypes. Anyone else with me here? Lulu , which launched in February of , basically treats dating like Yelp: By logging in through Facebook, the app allows women to review any and all men on their friends list, rating them on a scale of one to 10 and describing them with hashtags. Another way to look at it would be as the Rate My Professor of dating. No rating sites and apps at all. It all just seems so Mean Girls to me, you know? But hey, at least I now know that dudes in Philadelphia apparently SmellAmazeballs.

DOM-XSS Bug Affecting Tinder, Shopify, Yelp, and More

Disclaimer: I do not and never have worked for or with Yelp. In fact, Yelp will probably hate me for even posting this, because, you know, now skeevy internet daters will probably start creeping on all their users! So why would I ever pass up the opportunity to definitively KNOW exactly where my potential dates like to go out to eat and drink?!

The app markets itself as Tinder for restaurants, but it can more accurately be described as Tinder meets Yelp. Its interface looks exactly like.

Yelp wants to know if you’re a car owner who prefers jazz bars and Korean food or a vegan parent who loves going to the beach. It just wants to match you to restaurants and other businesses better. The company announced Tuesday it will begin providing users with customized recommendations and search results, based entirely on their stated preferences.

Here’s how the new, personalized Yelp will work. You’ll need to be signed into a Yelp account on the app. In effect, the app will profile your likes and dislikes, to target its recommendations that much more accurately. But rather than infer this information from your online behavior or social connections , Yelp will ask users about their preferences directly. Once you start selecting options, Yelp will begin customizing the app based upon them.

Coffee Meets Bagel taps Spotify and Yelp to make your first date a success

This company is not yet accredited. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. OurTime is an online dating community for people in their 50s, 60s and older. Through the app, users can customize their profiles, browse curated matches and exchange messages. The app is compatible with Android, iPhone iOS OurTime is an easy-to-use app for people looking for new relationships.

Stroovy is an app for rating and reviewing people you met while using an online dating service.

Traveling anywhere from Mallorca to Bangkok, Tinder is my most essential travel tool. The dating app, reimagined, helps me find the best local spots to eat, drink and enjoy platonic companionship. A few months ago, I arrived at my hotel in Bankok after a hour airplane journey, door-to-door. I was covered in peanut crumbs and my own drool, having slept only two hours on the plane due to a seven-year-old seatmate who had three fidget spinners and zero spatial awareness.

After setting down my suitcase and screaming into a pillow, I opened my phone. He helped me navigate the sprawling city streets to visit craft beer places I was eager to try. As thanks, I offered him beers—and lovely conversation, of course. Last year, while traveling through Parma, Italy, I asked local Tinder guys for their favorite trattorias. Order the massive degustazione di salumi and never look back.

Lulu (app)

A new review-based dating app Stroovy combines Yelp and online dating to make a better use of your hours. Stroovy has several features that ensure online daters are getting what they signed up for. A bad review could spare you from a miserable date, while a positive recommendation could be the encouragement you need to meet up with someone. After you initially sign up by inputting basic information name, sex, birthday, etc. The next page requires you to write everything you know about that person, including their marital status, if that person has or wants kids, their ethnicity, body type, height, if the person smokes, drinks, or does drugs, their education, job, and income.

Yelp has over million business and restaurant reviews worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a new pizzeria, a great coffee shop nearby, a new salon, or the​.

Called Once , you can think of it like Yelp, but the diners are all women, and the restaurants are all men. Chivalry is not dead! That being said, not sure if there is any chemistry. Created in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandals, this one-sided feature allows women to share pertinent details without the fear of harassment. On Feb. The goal is to spark a revolution of respect, starting in some of the darkest regions of the internet: on dating apps…where dick pics spread faster than fungi.

We, on our team, are screening for facts. We want constructive comments about the dating experience and how the guy treated the girl.

How Men Feel About Lulu, the New “Yelp for Men”

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Its creators are calling it “Yelp for people,” with the app letting anyone review anyone they know and assign them star ratings out of five. Peeple, meanwhile, is simply marketing itself as a “positivity app for positive people.

Anonymous reviews aren’t allowed, and anyone who signs up must have a Facebook account older than six months and a working cell phone for verification.

Peeple allows users to leave ‘feedback’ about others in three areas: personal, professional and dating. By Brandy Shaul. Controversial reputation app Peeple.

This post originally appeared on The Guardian. Across the country, people who openly display their support of the president — usually via some type of Make America Great Again clothing — are getting harassed in public restaurants and other places of business. You know, the important stuff you want to know about a place before you dine there. Back before the civil rights era many black people relied on the Green Book, a useful publication that listed safe establishments for African American travelers — who themselves also faced many threats when dining out.

And, yes, I agree the similarity is ironic. But all jokes aside, the app to me is a good idea and instead of scoffing or demeaning its creator as many online are doing we should be applauding Wallace. So why not develop a product that is not only appealing to that demographic, but helps this business to build their brand within that community? This is not illegal nor is it in any way infringing on the rights of non-Trump supporters. I may or may not be a fan of politicians like Trump or his opponents.

We should all be. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Tags: apps conservative safe space software trump.

Any App Is a Dating App if You Try Hard Enough

They have it good. In this post, we feature some of these stories. Tinder went from 5, to 15, users by getting sorority girls to signup on the spot. She planned a tour that would take her to prominent college campuses around the country.

Tinder is a dating app for Iphone. Once it is downloaded, it links to your facebook page, then your profile is basically set up. I find it curious that only those who.

Lulu formerly Luluvise is a mobile app formerly available for iOS and Android that allowed female users to make positive and negative evaluations of male users on the basis of their romantic, personal, and sexual appeal. The app allowed only female users to access the evaluation system, and evaluations made through the app are attached publicly and anonymously. The New York Times described the service as a “‘Take Back the Internet’ moment for young women who have come of age in an era of revenge porn and anonymous, possibly ominous suitors”.

In the app moved away from Facebook, and currently only allows registration via mobile phone numbers, for both male and female users. Lulu describes itself as “a private network for girls to express and share their opinions openly and honestly” [3] about the weaknesses and strengths of the manners, appearances, spending habits, and career ambitions of their male acquaintances.

The company’s expansion of its user base focuses heavily on recruiting undergraduate [4] members of American all-female sororities , which commentators describe as reflected in the “app’s linguistic and visual design [which] is visibly influenced by US sorority culture.

Why shouldn’t there be a Yelp-like app for Trump-supporting diners?

Hackers could exploit the vulnerability to access user profile information and other details from the impacted application. About million users who have been using these applications could be at risk. Security researchers at vpnMentor discovered the vulnerability while researching client-side security implementation for dating apps.

Yelp is another free app that is made from compiled reviews and images of other people and restaurant aficionados. The app has different tabs.

Smartphones have completely changed the way we live. And they’ve definitely changed the way we date. Now, finding our potential soulmate is as easy as a swipe of your thumb. But is it really that easy? With love on the brain, we’re taking a look at the different dating apps people use in D. This is the OG dating app. Once you match with someone, either of you are able to initiate a chat. To create a profile,upload a couple photos, a short bio and start swiping! You can connect your Tinder profile to your Facebook profile so that you can list where you attended school, where you work and see if any potential matches have mutual interests.

You can also limit the age range you are interested in. Tinder is now popularly known as more of a hookup app than a dating app. These days I mostly use it for window shopping – checking out who’s around when I travel somewhere new or mindlessly swiping, often after a night out. I’m admittedly pretty bad at the follow-up, but from my experience, the majority of guys I match with don’t really seem to have many intentions to move beyond small-talk or an Instagram follow.

Every once in a while, I’ve found a spark of mutual genuine interest, but they’re few and far between.

Yelp is not a dating app. Please do not treat it as such.