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At PRP, we understand this can be an extremely stressful process. With advanced diagnostic technology and experienced specialist reporting, PRP ensure you get the best care available. If you’ve torn your hamstring running the parents’ race or your shoulder no longer works after first-grade rugby, we have the imaging capability to help you manage your condition and get you back on your feet. Whether for your pregnancy or other gynaecological requirements, PRP gives you the support, expertise and care you deserve throughout your journey. Have you recently travelled internationally, developed a fever, cough, breathing difficulties or sore throat? Unfortunately, PRP clinics do not have the facilities to isolate those affected with coronavirus from our other vulnerable patients, many of whom are elderly or oncology patients, etc. Patients in quarantine or those with symptoms suggestive of coronavirus should not attend PRP clinics. Please call your referrer or the Public Health Hotline on for appropriate advice.

Abdomen Ultrasound Scan

We welcome your views on our website and invite you to take part in a brief survey when you’ve finished your visit. An ultrasound is a scan that uses high frequency sound waves to create pictures of the inside of the body. It is used to look for any changes in organs and tissue. An ultrasound can show internal organs as well as blood flow so is used to look for changes in organs and tissues.

20 Newcastle – Royal Victoria Infirmary. 21 North Tees Infirmary in Newcastle and James Cook Ultrasound screening anomaly scan (18+0 to 20+6 weeks).

Online Booking. I got a next day appointment and was seen on time. I was kept fully informed as the ultrasound procedure was performed. At the end of the appointment my concerns were fully addressed and my anxieties relieved. The purpose of this abdominal ultrasound is to assess the major abdominal organs:. This scan is performed for a wide range of reasons some of which include:.

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Why I-MED? For practitioners. About us. The I-MED difference With the highest standard of radiologist expertise, equipment and technology, we are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our referring medical practitioners and patients. Our specialist expertise Our network of clinics.

The Aesthetic Beauty Centre in Sunderland was one of the first clinics to provide pioneering 4D ultrasound baby face scanning in the North of England. For most.

Life Through the Lens 4D baby scan experts are a private Ultrasound company who specialise in providing a unique and special experience for you during your pregnancy. We will provide you with amazing images far more impressive and detailed than the conventional 2D ultrasound scans that you receive at hospital. On the Wirral we are just off the A41 making us very easy to find from anywhere on the Wirral, Ellesmere Port and Chester.

Our job is to provide you with a memorable experience you can keep forever and we aim to deliver the best value packages to our clients. As a result all scans are completed for a medical need. However following Government guidelines we must adapt and change our service to comply with the current pandemic.

These are unprecedented times, all non-medical elements of our scans for example 4D will now not be included in your scan, however to continue to provide you with your pregnancy scans we will continue to provide the rest of our services. You will undergo our full baby well being check as normal.

Pro-Baby Scan

Our clinic has state of the art technology with a relaxed environment to bring the best images of your unborn baby to life! We offer different packages to suit your needs. A baby scan is the perfect present for a Loved One.

The demand for early diagnostic analysis of early stage pregnancy means that more and more people are looking for baby scan services. Using.

Antenatal care is the care you get from healthcare professionals to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy. It includes information on services and support to make choices right for you. Antenatal care will include regular appointments with a midwife, ultrasound scans and screening tests for you and your baby. This will include a midwife and your GP. If your pregnancy is more complicated , then an obstetrician a doctor who specialises in pregnancy and childbirth might be involved in your care too.

Your antenatal appointments may be at a hospital maternity unit, your GP surgery, a local health centre, or at home. Health professionals will check the progress of you and your baby and give you information to help you have a healthy pregnancy and birth. Other goals of antenatal care are to give you information to help you take care of your new baby.

Pregnancy 4D Ultrasound

Over recent years we have realised that Osborne could broaden the field of expertise that we can offer and created valuable partnerships with major companies offering health services that our clients may also require. Ultrasound Direct is a nationwide group of healthcare professionals and managers who started offering Babybond pregnancy scans in Ultrasound Direct was designed to meet your health needs with our values – in other words, to offer you easy access to diagnostic ultrasound in your community with results on the day.

To do this, we only employ the best healthcare professionals, provide a unique online search, choose and book feature and offer appointments at over 60 clinics. Aesthetic Practitioner.

Dating and viability scan from 6 weeks; First trimester screening: Specialised pelvic ultrasound for the investigation and monitoring of gynaecological problems Booking into Newcastle Private Hospital at 15 weeks; Morphology Scan at

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You can find out about the free, rapid access services that are available to you, all of which are conveniently located in the centre of Newcastle. Your call will be taken by a member of our staff who will offer you an appointment in our clinic to discuss your options. The receptionist will need your name, date of birth and the date of your last menstrual period. All information is treated in the strictest of confidence.

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The first is usually at around weeks and is sometimes called the dating scan because it can help to determine when the baby is due. The second scan usually takes place between 18 and 20 weeks and is called the anomaly scan because it checks for structural abnormalities in the baby. Your midwife may advise you that you need to have additional scans if you have a high BMI, a history of smaller babies or there are concerns over your pregnancy.

Ultrasound scans use sound waves to build a picture of the baby in the womb. The scans are completely painless, have no known side effects on mother or babies, and can be carried out at any stage of pregnancy. If you have any concerns about having a scan, talk to your midwife, GP or obstetrician.

Vista Health is a diagnostic centre that offers fast and affordable private MRI scans an X-ray and Ultrasound scan to an MRI scan, CT scan and a PET-CT scan.

Teenagers and young women experiencing menstrual problems, women who are trying to become pregnant or who are pregnant, women with gynaecological disorders or who are suffering menopausal symptoms or who are concerned about cancer of the ovary or endometrium. We are committed to delivering the highest quality health care with professionalism and sensitivity. All our staff are female and very experienced in obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound.

We only use entirely digital state of the art ultrasound equipment, which combined with our staff experience provides the best possible imaging. Our doctors are specialist obstetricians specialists who look after pregnant women and gynaecologists specialists who treat all of women’s health problems who have further specialised in ultrasound, high-risk obstetrics, infertility and reproductive genetics the study of birth defects or inherited characteristics which affect decisions concerning reproduction.

For enquiries please call 02 NEW Preeclampsia.

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